What made me feel strong today…

Some days are better than others.  I didn’t know how today was going to start, but so far so good.  Started today by tossing and turning, although that is almost every day these days.  I didn’t sleep well.  Not sure exactly why, but I think it’s because my mind just won’t turn off.  We had a short race (5k) this morning and I felt good but it wasn’t easy.  I’m certainly not in any shape to tun a half marathon in a month.  However, I think I’ll look and feel better than I do now.  It’s getting a bit nicer out and we are almost (thank god) out of February.

I hate February.  It’s cold.  It’s dark.  No one has Christmas lights on their homes any more and it’s not my birthday. Hahaha.  Also, I think I always have high expectations of Valentine’s Day… not sure why we even do that crazy holiday at all really.  It’s a bit crazy to think that there is only one day to tell someone “I Love You”.


I was able to take my wife of a ride on the bike today.  We were a bit cold and it did seem rushed, but it’s these moments when I get to steal her away from the rest of the world that I will remember (or at least try to) in the future.  We rode along the river and then stopped in a little cafe and talked for a minute.  It was fleeting, but nice.  I felt strong.  I felt like she wanted to be with me.  It felt good.  It is now, as I am writing this, as if there is a slight stage of euphoria and I could close the chapter to the day on that feeling.

So I will do just that.

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