About Me

I am a Man.  

But I am a broken man.

But aren’t we all a little bit broken That’s what life does to you.  It breaks you down.  Why?  Because nature is cruel.

Nature is cruel.

Wildfires, animals eating one another, lightning, floods, starvation, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami’s, fires.

Nature is cruel.

But we are meant to thrive in such cruelty and bring light and order to it.  This is why we are human.  This is why we have a soul.  To create beauty from cruelty.  To bring grace to a place where this is none.  To bring love.

But I am broken.  And in order to truly bring love, I must heal.  I must get stronger.  I must face what I am afraid of and look fear directly in the eyes and say, “I own you and you have no power here”.

I will heal.

I will grow.

I will become stronger today so that I can face the cruel nature of tomorrow.

I will do today what others wont, so that I can do tomorrow what others can’t.

So this is where I share.
This is where I grow.

This is where I go to learn to be strong.

-Author 2/10/17

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